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GOM Metrology

GOM Correlate Sample Data

Sample Data

GOM offers project data free of charge with which you can test various functions of the GOM software.

Component Analysis

This sample project shows a full-field analysis of a 3D component. The aim of this project is to analyze strain and displacement on the component's surface with the approach of digital image correlation (DIC). Further evaluations with sections and points are also implemented to see local effects.


GOM_Testing_Object_Component.gcorrelate (211 MB)

Motion Analysis

This project is an example for a dynamic motion analysis. It gives an overview of employing point components to analyze relative motion and displacement. Inspections like vector fields, the 6DoF evaluation and relative angle changes are included.


GOM_Testing_Object_Motion_Analysis.gcorrelate (182 MB)

Materials Testing

This sample project shows a full field strain analysis of a flat punched hole specimen under uniaxial loading conditions. It demonstrates very local strain effects around the hole, which are analyzed on the full surface of the specimen and displayed by sections.


GOM_Testing_Object_Material.gcorrelate (206 MB)

Static Deformation

This project is a static analysis of an automotive plastic part under different loading conditions. For every loading condition, it shows the direction and magnitude of displacements in 3D space. The measuring data is aligned with a CAD model to use the directions of the coordinate system for inspections.


GOM_Testing_Object_Static_Analysis.gcorrelate (713 MB)

FEM Comparison

This example shows a typical real load case by means of a 3D part. The software is able to perform a full-field analysis even of very small deformations, which forms the basis for dimension checks. The visualization of the strain distribution allows evaluating local effects. The measured values serve for a full-field and quantitative comparison against FE simulation data.


Wrench_Component_Test_FEA_Comparison.gcorrelate (70 MB)