GOM Software 2018 Beta

The GOM Software 2018 will be available as of July 2018. Customers of the GOM software can already test the open beta version. The new software release simplifies inspection steps, supports new workflows and accelerates measuring procedures.

Smart inspection

For the GD&T analysis, the GOM Software 2018 automatically recognizes geometrical elements and freeform surfaces. Functional aspects of a part, such as parallelism and position tolerances in the local datum and coordinate systems, can thus be inspected faster and more comfortable.

The inspection of draft angles extends the range of the inspection functions available to date. With these functions, surfaces can be identified which can cause problems during demolding of a tool, for example, in casting processes.

Next steps in automotive car body inspection

The GOM Software 2018 offers an optimized workflow for robogrammetry to measure car bodies even faster and more accurately.

The users can now easily analyze bolts and threads thanks to new measuring principles. In addition to standardized evaluations, GOM offers inspection principles that users can adapt individually to their measuring tasks. This makes it easy to transfer a user-specific gap and flush analysis from one point to other points on the same or a second part.

Digital assembly

In the new project type, several parts can be virtually assembled. Even measured meshes of two parts can be aligned with each other. This way, users can precisely inspect replication processes and gap and flush dimensions already before physical assembly.

Furthermore, the enhanced import of CAD data has become more flexible for the organization of the required CAD bodies.

The current GOM Software 2018 Beta version is now available for download in the GOM Service Area*. Videos on YouTube and on the website What’s New GOM Software 2018* give a detailed insight into specific software functions. In the forum Preview – What’s New GOM Software 2018*, users can directly give feedback about new functions. This way, the users can discuss and exchange experiences with software developers and other customers.

(*) available for registered users