GOM introduces ATOS ScanBox 4105 - For automated small object inspection

GOM presented its latest development in the successful ATOS ScanBox series at the Euromold 2013 in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. The ATOS ScanBox 4105 integrates the ATOS Core 3D scanner in an ATOS ScanBox automated measuring cell. The solution is used for automated measurement and inspection of small to medium parts and components.

ATOS ScanBox 4105

The ATOS ScanBox is an optical 3D measuring machine for fully automated 3D digitizing and inspection. It utilizes optimized industrial components, mobility and high safety. Its high safety standards ensure that operator and part safety is maintained at any time. The measuring cell contains process-safe software solutions and hardware components. These include a robot, rotation table and image processing computer and in-built industrial safety. The key component of ATOS ScanBox 4105 is the compact, robot driven ATOS Core 3D scanner for fast, non-contact and full-field measurements.

Virtual Measuring Room

The Virtual Measuring Room (VMR) is the central control station and measurement planning software for all elements of the ATOS ScanBox 4105. The VMR removes the requirement for specific robot programming skills. The robot can be completely controlled through a simple and safe software interface. The VMR enables programming, complete inspection and reporting to be prepared in advance without blocking the system, allowing short downtimes and fast part turnarounds.

Kiosk Interface

Kiosk Interface is a human machine interface for simplified interaction with the measuring machine. It handles the complete measurement and inspection workflow automatically. As human interaction is reduced, high precision and data quality are guaranteed, and measurement parameters, data and operating system are protected.


ATOS Core can be extended to include fully automated photogrammetry. Automated photogrammetry delivers a highly accurate reference system from parts or fixtures for 3D scanning, ensuring process safety over long periods as well as time and cost savings. Photogrammetry is completely integrated into the ATOS Professional software.

Small to medium parts and components

ATOS ScanBox 4105 offers new possibilities for efficient automation for smaller measurement volumes. The measuring cell is suitable for objects of up to 500 mm in size and 100 kg in weight. Possible applications include production-related quality control on ceramic cores, cast and plastic parts. The ATOS ScanBox can be moved in order to support production launch – for short distances even on its integrated wheels. All that is needed is a power supply.

The ATOS ScanBox 4105 can be ordered immediately. Learn more about the ATOS ScanBox or contact your local GOM Partner for more information or for a demonstration of the ATOS ScanBox.