Two successful Casting Workshops in Vietnam

11/2014In September, our distributor AIE organized two workshops in the north and south of Vietnam. The main objective of the two events was to highlight the importance of optical metrology for the casting industry.

Around 80 attendees joined the first workshop on September 23, 2014, which took place at the Pullman Hotel in Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam. Well-known customers of our distributor AIE, including Samsung Vietnam, Honda and Ford, were also present at the event. At the beginning, the AIE team presented the latest developments in GOM technology with reference to possible applications of optical 3D metrology. In addition, AIE explained the advantages offered by the ATOS 3D digitizer in the casting industry. Today, 3D scanners from GOM have become an integral part of the casting industry. They are used as precise, fast and robust measuring solutions and help to identify optimizations in the design process and improve industrial production processes. The AIE team demonstrated the systems ATOS Core, ATOS Compact Scan and TRITOP to prospects and customers. For the first time, the ATOS Triple Scan with its special features was introduced in Vietnam. The ATOS Triple Scan is an industrial high-end 3D digitizer, consisting of three individual sensors, which allow different views of the object. The 3D scanner provides high and accurate measuring data and speeds up the entire measuring process.

On September 25, 2014, around 40 prospects and customers came together for a second workshop in AMATA Industrial Park in Dong Nai in the southern part of Vietnam. Similar to the workshop structure of the previous day, the focus of the event was on possible applications of the ATOS 3D digitizer and the presentation of ATOS Core and ATOS Compact Scan. During a live demonstration by a renowned manufacturer of electronic accessories, the participants of the workshop experienced how 3D measuring systems from GOM can optimize process workflows in the casting and injection molding industry.

In Vietnam, the use of 3D coordinate measuring and inspection is continually gaining in importance and popularity.

GOM would like to thank the entire team of AIE for the excellent organization of the two workshop days and for the large number of participants and it is already looking forward to next year's workshop in Vietnam.