Injection Molding Workshop in Sweden

10/2014On September 25, 2014, our Swedish distributor Cascade welcomed around 65 attendees to the Injection Molding Workshop in Mölndal in order to share its experience about the latest trends in the injection molding industry.

The workshop primarily provided prospects and customers with important information on four core subjects: ATOS Triple Scan, ATOS ScanBox, ATOS Compact Scan and ARAMIS.

The main focus was on the ATOS measuring system, a 3D digitizer, which is used in various industrial sectors for 3D measuring and analyses. The captured and analyzed data provide important insights for the injection molding industry, allowing further process steps and measures to be derived. Due to its ongoing development, several versions of ATOS measuring systems already exist. Each ATOS system is specialized in different measuring tasks:

ATOS ScanBox – is an optical 3D measuring machine for fully automated 3D digitizing and inspection of parts and components. It combines optimized industrial parts, mobility and maximum safety in a standardized 3D measuring machine.

ATOS Triple Scan – is a high-end solution for precise measuring results and complete data, particularly used for the measurement of shiny surfaces, fine structures and edges.

ATOS Compact Scan – is a compact overall solution for 3D measurements of components. It opens up complete new application areas, offering the user a wide range of opportunities.

Furthermore, a brief insight into material and component testing, using the ARAMIS system, was given.

ARAMIS – is used for optical 3D deformation analysis of tools and components. Regardless of the material, it provides complete 3D contour, displacement and strain results.

After a short introduction to the world of ATOS measuring systems and the presentation of further GOM technologies, the automobile manufacturer Volkswagen demonstrated how optical metrology systems from GOM can improve its injection molding production in daily practice. Cascade also showed how fixtures, to be used in the ATOS ScanBox, are designed and manufactured. In addition, an industrial research institute held a lecture on “Costs due to a lack of quality”. Here, the institute outlined the problems of quality defects within production and showed how new measurement technologies can reduce costs with improved quality assurance processes. A live demonstration of automated measuring and the new auto-teaching feature, which reduces programming times, completed the workshop.

The attendees were then divided into groups to visit five workplaces, showing plastic injection applications.

GOM is very pleased about the positive feedback from the attendees and would like to thank Cascade for the successful organization of the workshop.