Images replace numbers: Quality assurance of plastic parts with 3D measurement

08/2014Since Braun introduced optical measuring systems to its quality assurance process, first article inspection has been accelerated significantly. In addition, the company has been able to simplify technical drawings and inspection reports.

The product portfolio of Braun in Germany, a Procter & Gamble subsidiary, includes electric razors, epilators and hair and dental care appliances under well-known brands such as Gillette and Oral-B. In the past, inspection of parts was based on elements from drawings and thus highly work-intensive. However, full-field part inspection was not possible. The company therefore opted to migrate to optical metrology. Today, Braun uses the ATOS 3D digitizer in conjunction with the GOM inspection software.

Full-field measuring data and quick evaluations have made it possible for Braun to cut first article inspection times significantly. In addition, the tool correction process has been accelerated because problems, that commonly occur on injection molded parts, such as sink marks, misaligned ejectors, protruding gates or even component warp, are identified and located promptly. This is a great advantage for mold makers since they quickly see whether and how they need to intervene in the tool geometry. 

Since Braun rolled out optical measurements, the company has been able to simplify its technical drawings and inspection reports. Because of easy to understand evaluations showing deviations from CAD in color, several hundred pages of conventional tables from test reports can be reduced to a handful of images and functional dimensions. As a result, technical drawings can be simplified in advance. To provide a fast overview, the full-field measurement data of a component is compared with CAD data. The inspection elements are reduced to relevant functional dimensions and GD&T elements and then inspected.

The complete application note in English is available as PDF.