Combining CAD/CAM, simulation and optical metrology for faster tool try-out

07/2014For complex sheet metal parts, tool making is a long trial-and-error process. But the Bernecker Group has combined a CAD/CAM solution with a simulation software and optical metrology to significantly reduce the number of tool iterations.

Despite Bernecker’s wealth of experience in the production of sheet metal parts, the so called exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) system – which is composed of several stainless steel sheet profiles – poses new challenges for the company’s tool specialists. This is because in the production of the EGR customers request that a defined percentage reduction in thickness resulting from an ironing operation must not be exceeded. Taking account of this percentage in the tool design and then checking it on the manufactured component is quite an undertaking.

EGR systems are increasingly combined with turbochargers in order to reduce a car engine’s emissions. To ensure faultless development and production of these parts, Bernecker has created an integrated design, simulation and measurement solution: a process loop from 3D design using the VISI CAD/CAM system, simulation using the Stampack simulation software with springback calculation, VISI Advanced Modelling for springback compensation, right up to fast optical 3D measurement with a high-resolution digitizer, the ATOS system from GOM – and back in reverse order. By combining CAD/CAM, simulation and optical metrology, the Bernecker Group has managed to achieve a drastic reduction in the number of tests in the tool development iteration loop, thus saving time and money.

The complete application note in English is available as PDF.