ARAMIS 3D Camera

07/2016The ARAMIS 3D Camera is new hardware for a better understanding of material properties and component behavior. The new testing sensor is easy to integrate in material test stands and component testing facilities for dynamic deformation analyses.

Materials research and component testing play a critical role in the development of products. The ARAMIS 3D Camera generates information about the properties of the used material and the behavior of the resulting products under load. These results are the basis for product stability, geometry layout and reliable numeric simulations and validation.

GOM’s experience in industrial 3D metrology led to the development of the new ARAMIS 3D Camera providing solid decision-making results for product design, research & development, and manufacturing.

Conventional testing devices, such as extensometers, strain gauges, accelerometers, etc. are time-intensive and, thus, induce costs for installation and calibration. Moreover, these can only be used for limited measurement tasks and in most cases provide only 2D results. The ARAMIS 3D Camera supports testing engineers in achieving shorter development times and faster measurement preparations in comparison to conventional methods.

The ARAMIS 3D Camera precisely acquires 3D displacement or deformation for applications in materials and components testing in the automotive and aerospace industries and in biomechanical applications.