Control 2016

April 26-29, 2016
Stuttgart, Germany
Hall 3, Booth 3330

Exhibitor: GOM

GOM at Control 2016

At the leading international trade fair for quality assurance in Stuttgart, GOM will be showing the complete GOM product family with a special focus on precise automated inspection – with the ATOS ScanBox Series 7 and 8 for automotive sheet metal inspection in press shops and body shops.

3D Metrology

  • ATOS Triple Scan – The industrial optical 3D digitizer captures up to two times 16 million measuring points per scan and is used as a high-end scanning and inspection  system in quality control.
  • ATOS Core – The optical 3D scanner provides 3D coordinate measuring data for 3D inspection and adaptive manufacturing. ATOS Core is utilized as a mobile measuring device and stationary desktop scanner. In addition, it supports automation processes within the ATOS ScanBox.
  • GOM Inspect – Evaluation software for 3D measuring data, including 3D inspection and polygon mesh processing, that allows for a joint evaluation of measuring results. The new GOM Inspect release features a new user interface, strong enhancements in GD&T and airfoil inspection.
  • New CT Data Interface – GOM Inspect offers a new inter­face for the import and evaluation of native CT volume data.

ATOS ScanBox

  • ATOS ScanBox Series 7 and 8 – New ATOS ScanBox series for automotive sheet metal inspection on the shop floor in press shops and body shops for large and heavy parts, e. g. car side panels and complete car bodies. Combined with Auto Teaching, the ATOS ScanBox is a measuring machine for precise and fast measurement, full-field component analysis, including hemmed edges, hole pattern and trimming.
  • 8-Axis Kinematics – ATOS ScanBox Series 7 and 8 extend the working range of ATOS scanners, using GOM’s new 8-axis kinematics – a combination of horizontal rail, vertical lift and articulated robot. Due to these 8 degrees of freedom, parts can be measured from every perspective, including car interiors.

Live Tracking

  • PONTOS Live – GOM’s new 3D tracking system for online measurements of part movements and part positioning – for example for precise part alignment on CNC machines or adjustments of fixtures. In combination with the GOM Touch Probe, PONTOS Live allows for the inspection of difficult-to-access areas.

3D Testing

  • ARAMIS 3D Camera – GOM’s new 3D motion and deformation sensor for materials testing, part deformation analysis as well as crash and 6DoF evaluation. ARAMIS provides accurate 3D coordinates, 3D displacements, velocities, accelerations, strain and measurements of 6 degrees of freedom (6DoF) for static or dynamically loaded specimens and components.
  • GOM Correlate – Evaluation software for 3D testing, using digital image correlation and 3D motion analysis. It delivers detailed reports with diagrams and videos for displacements, deformations and strain.
  • Free 2D DIC – GOM Correlate provides free 2D digital image correlation that supports the evaluation of any digital image series or movie file, including complete evaluation and reporting possibilities.


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