Affidabilità & Tecnologie 2014

April 16-17, 2014
Turin, Italy
Booth 3/B18

Exhibitor: GOM

The exhibition AFFIDABILITÀ & TECNOLOGIE from 16th to 17th of April in Turin has been created in order to offer new innovative technologies for the production development. In occasion of A&T, GOM is proud to show its brand new ATOS Core and ATOS Compact Scan systems.

The new ATOS Core is small, light and stable, thanks to the integration of optics and electronics into a very compact format: ideal for the digitizing and inspection of small and medium-size components. ATOS Core can be used also together with ATOS Compact Scan as an additional measuring volume.

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During A&T exhibition, GOM Italia will also show the versatile ATOS Compact Scan. This modern 3D scanner combines the latest ATOS Blue Light Technology and software into a compact design with an affordable price. ATOS Compact Scan can also work together with ATOS Core, for a more flexible scanning technique.