Application Webinar - Optical 3D Metrology for Automotive Testing

The optimization of modern product developments in the automotive industry demands accurate and reliable measuring results to be available in the shortest possible time. Moreover, measuring results have to be user-independent and repeatable to meet the challenging requirements of today's product development process in the automotive industry.

Optical metrology enables a better understanding of the static and dynamic component behavior by providing full-field or point based results while reducing the time for test preparation and cutting down the number of required iteration cycles.

GOM invites you to the webinar "Optical 3D Metrology for Automotive Testing" which will discuss a broad range of testing applications from the automotive industry. Among others:

  • Analysis of components’ thermal deformation during environmental testing
  • 3D deformation analysis of an airbag deployment test
  • Stiffness analysis of a door hinge
  • 3D motion analysis of a sled crash test

Attend the GOM webinar and learn more about the benefits of optical metrology with respect to these automotive testing applications.

This webinar has already taken place. The webinar recording is available on YouTube.


New dates in preparation