Application Webinar - Tensile Testing

The determination of material parameters through tensile tests are widely used for new material developments and the control of material quality. The accurate determination of parameters, such as Stress – Strain curve, Young’s Modulus, r-value and n-value is thus very important.

The precise full-field ARAMIS results improve the accuracy of material characteristic values. Existing evaluation procedures are enhanced and thus more reliable, like the determination of flow curves and forming limit curves. A lot of material tests can only be evaluated because of the non-contact measurement and the high local resolution ARAMIS results.

GOM invites you to a webinar which covers the determination of above mentioned material parameters and how this is performed using the optical measurement system ARAMIS. Due to the fact that the ARAMIS system provides full-field surface, displacement and strain data evaluations of the local deformation behaviour, such as Lüders Bands, are possible and will be further discussed.

Register for this webinar and learn more about how optical metrology is used in tensile testing.


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