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Reverse engineering of models, parts and tools

Reverse engineering of models, parts and tools

The challenge

In certain situations, it is necessary to scan the 3D geometries of a physical model, a part, or a tool to create corresponding CAD data.

In the automotive industry, for example, the designers design the outer shape of a new car as a physical model with modeling clay. These design models must be converted into digital data, so that the designer can continue to work on it in a CAD program.

Another challenge is to remanufacture or repair old or defective parts and tools for which no design drawing or CAD data set exists. This happens based on a CAD design. Therefore, respective geometry data of these parts or shapes is also needed here.

The solution

ATOS makes it possible: The ATOS system enables fast full-field scanning and geometry acquisition of real objects. The resulting measuring data forms the basis for creating CAD data of these objects via polygonization and surface reconstruction (reverse engineering).

When the object and its geometry is scanned, the engineer can process the 3D geometries in the CAD software package as a CAD model.


The benefits

Precise full-field acquisition 
of 3D geometries of models, parts and tools
Surface reconstruction
of standard geometries and freeform surfaces
Faster transition from idea to product 
for outer skins of design models

GOM Solutions for every process step

The flexible 3D coordinate measuring systems ATOS, ARAMIS and ARGUS are used in all process steps of metal forming. Learn more about how GOM systems optimize the individual forming processes to ensure quality and process reliability.





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