eLearning: GOM Scripting – Python Scripting for GOM Applications

eLearning: GOM Scripting – Python Scripting for GOM Applications

Capture all operations performed in the software and save this recording as Python script by using the command recorder. This way, you can execute the commands repeatedly. By editing the recorded script, you can adapt it to other tasks. You can edit or extend these command sequences by additional computations or dialogs.

This training deals with methods to modify and extend scripts by using command results and element selections. Learn how to access the element values of the project, how to create user-defined graphical dialogs as well as how to program advanced dynamic dialogs. You will also get insights to solve script problems. The scripting functionality can be used in all Professional software versions.

Target Group  Users who have experience in the software-based evaluation of 3D objects with the basics of script recording /Python
GOM product GOM Inspect Pro

Successful completion of the inspection module of a basic training
PY4E Python for Beginners or programming skills in Python

Duration 12 hours
Dates & Registration Find more information and enroll in the training via the GOM Training Center
Costs €549 

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