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Perfectly prepared test setups

Setup Testing with ARAMIS and Optomechanical Adapters

Setup Testing with ARAMIS and Optomechanical Adapters

Precise measuring data from mechanical testing requires a perfect setup, including the exact positioning of the components in the test rig. ARAMIS provides accurate data on strains, 3D displacements and 3D coordinates. In addition, it can be used as a multitool for positioning tasks, analysis and preparation of mechanical test setups, measurement and evaluation.

In this free webinar, you get to experience ARAMIS with live measurements via optomechanical adapters and the optically tracked GOM Touch Probe.

Various objects, such as specimens, construction or machine parts, can be positioned quickly and easily with ARAMIS. The holistic measurement approach supports you, among other things, in the perfect preparation of a tensile test. 

Afterwards, you can ask questions in the live Q&A.

Setup Testing with ARAMIS and Optomechanical Adapters

2022年2月16日 Organizer: GOM GmbH

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Benefits of the holistic measuring approach of ARAMIS:

  • Supports the entire test process from perfect setup and precise data to the measurement report.
  • Direct measurement in the coordinate system of the testing machine or test stand
  • Time saving in the preparation of your mechanical tests due to the positioning function
  • Money savings by reducing invalid tests due to inaccurate test setups
  • Optimal test setup ensures excellent measurement results 
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