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Two Worlds Merge – Testing and Simulation

Two Worlds Merge – Testing and Simulation

The use of finite element analysis in product development is ever increasing. Yet physical testing still plays a crucial part in the product development process for verification and validation purposes.

By merging both worlds, processes can be optimized - testing improves simulation models thanks to comprehensive 3D measuring data on strains and displacements. Fast and easily available experimental data provide accurate input parameters for the material model and boundary conditions. The number of iteration cycles is reduced, and your product ideas reach the market faster.

Bridging the gap between testing and simulation will streamline your product development process by reducing the number of iteration cycles and result in a faster time-to market for your future products.

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Merging Simulation and Testing

2022年1月26日 Organizer: GOM GmbH

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Benefits of a close cooperation of testing and simulation departments

  • Save time and resources
  • Reduce the number of iterations in product development
  • Accurate material models
  • Experimental data fed into the models as boundary conditions
  • Faster time-to-market for future products

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