eLearning: Robogrammetry – Measuring Large Objects in an ATOS ScanBox Series 7 and 8

To digitize large parts, many small partial measurements have to be carried out and then transformed to each other with high precision. In the ATOS ScanBox Series 7 and 8, a combination of the robot position and special reference cubes is used: the robogrammetry. This eLearning guides you step by step through the process of robogrammetry and shows how to prepare and use robogrammetry in the GOM software and at the ATOS ScanBox.

Target groupGOM experts
SystemATOS Professional
ScanBox Series 7 and 8
Prerequisites Successful completion of the following training courses:
Acquisition Basic Training – ATOS, Inspection Basic Training – 3D Metrology, Automation VMR and Automated Sheet Metal Inspection
LanguageEnglish, German
Duration8 hours
Costs 960 €

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Course content

  • Setup of ATOS ScanBox Series 8
  • Measurement planning and position generation
  • Placing reference cubes on the real measuring object
  • Optimization steps for highest precision and reproducibility
  • Calibration of measuring setup
  • Serial measurement with project template



Learning Concept

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