Expert Courses

GOM offers expert classroom courses targeted for mastering challenges in specific industries. Procedures, workflows, tips and tricks are combined with detailed technical background knowledge and extensive practical exercises with hardware and software.

The trainers of the expert courses are experts with vast theoretical knowledge and many years of experience in the respective fields. This combination ensures that you get professional answers also to questions beyond the content of the training.

GOM Training Expert Courses

In the classroom or online –
flexible participation in GOM Training

Are you interested in a GOM training course but cannot travel at the moment? Our GOM trainers now offer all training content online, so you can take courses flexibly regardless of the location and time. If you prefer classroom training, you can enroll for courses on several dates in Braunschweig or Leipheim, Germany.

Product Training for Experts

Stay Up to Date

Basic level and advanced level skills on operating the GOM systems and software are recommended for these training courses. Furthermore, watching the training webinars and videos on specific topics might help to master the training courses successfully.

GOM Training


Learning Concept

GOM training courses follow a standardized concept, which was developed in cooperation with customers and partners from all over the world. The immediate vicinity to GOM’s development facilities guarantees a high standard of training contents and a direct link to practice.