Scanning with Robogrammetry in the ATOS ScanBox Series 8

The training is especially designed for users of the ATOS ScanBox Series 8 and deals with a typical measuring procedure with a car body as an example.

With the ATOS ScanBox Series 8 and robogrammetry, GOM offers an automated solution for the inspection of large parts and part assemblies. One big advantage of the ATOS ScanBox Series 8 is that it is set up in a short time. Robogrammetry ensures a process-reliable transformation of the measurements. It combines the robot position with special reference cubes and guarantees a stable process with high accuracy and high reproducibility.

During the training, the participants carry out a real measuring procedure as well as practical exercises. This way, they learn all necessary concepts and working methods when using the ATOS ScanBox Series 8. The training also includes placing magnetic reference cubes correctly on the measuring object. A special focus lies on the analysis of the transformation stability and the subsequent optimization by means of automatically and manually created simulated reference points.

Furthermore, the participants create real measuring data of a part, analyze the results and then optimize the measurements.

Target groupGOM experts
SystemATOS ScanBox Series 8
ATOS Professional software
PrerequisitesSuccessful completion of the expert course Automated Sheet Metal Inspection
Duration2 days
CertificateScanning with Robogrammetry in the ATOS ScanBox Series 8

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Training content

  • Manual and automatic creation of virtual reference points
  • Placing reference cubes on the measuring object
  • Creating a measuring program for the ATOS ScanBox Series 8
  • Real measurement with the ATOS ScanBox Series 8
  • Verification and optimization of transformation stability
  • Troubleshooting for robogrammetry

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Learning Concept

GOM training courses follow a standardized concept, which was developed in cooperation with customers and partners from all over the world. The immediate vicinity to GOM’s development facilities guarantees a high standard of training contents and a direct link to practice.