GOM Workshop: Industrial 3D Metrology in Plastic and Injection Molding Process Chains

June 8, 2011

NH Hotel
Frankfurt Mörfelden
Hessenring 9
64546 Mörfelden-Walldorf



In this workshop, users from the injection molding sector will learn about the time savings and improvements in quality that optical coordinate measurement techniques provide to modern injection molding process chains.

Leading firms present hands on experiences from their day-to-day operations:

  • Metrology Manager, Faurecia Automotive Systems
  • New Technologies Manager, Braun GmbH
  • Quality Assurance Manager, BJB GmbH & Co. KG

The GOM team will hold live demonstrations of state-of-the-art metrology solutions as well as the measurement and inspection software.

The workshop will be held in German language.

Meet the Experts

The GOM-Workshop adresses users from departments such as product development, design, tooling & molding, production and quality control.

Topics of the workshop include:

  • 3D shape & dimension control
  • Error analysis of electrodes, dies and plastic parts
  • Shortening of product lead times
  • Targeted tool correction
  • Faster first article inspection
  • Process control and optimization

Industrial 3D metrology in injection molding process chains

The ATOS 3D digitizer is used worldwide as a fast, precise and robust metrology solution in injection molding, thermoplastic and blow molding process chains. ATOS combines high-quality measurement data with flexibility, and is suited for use in measuring rooms as well as production environments.

The full-field measurements guarantee faster first sampling along with targeted tool corrections and shorter production lead times.

Tools, electrodes, spacers

  • Inspection of CNC processing
  • Targeted tool corrections
  • Wear analysis
  • Milling on scan data
  • Reverse engineering

Assembly analysis

  • Clearance check (2D, 3D)
  • Flush & gap inspection
  • Component deformation
  • Supplier parts control
  • Component testing

Injection-molded parts

  • 3D form & dimension control vs. CAD
  • 2D analysis vs. drawing
  • Component warp & shrinkage
  • Material thickness analysis
  • First article inspection


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