GOM Workshop: Optical Measuring Techniques in Casting & Forging Processes

June 16, 2010
10:00 – 15:00

Steigenberger Airport Hotel
Unterschweinstiege 16
60549 Frankfurt/Main

The workshop will be held in German language.

For further assistance please contact contact|at|gom.com.

This workshop offers casting and forging experts from R&D, quality control, pattern/ mold design and construction departments the chance to exchange experiences and gain insights into actual optical 3D coordinate measuring techniques and solutions for the casting and forging industry.

Well-known and experienced users will discuss hands-on experiences. The GOM team presents the actual state of the art of optical measuring systems on live display.

The ATOS 3D Digitizer allows full-field measurement of models & patterns, dies & molds, first articles, cast parts. The fast surface white-light pattern projection system can be combined with a handheld touch probe for inspection of optically hidden surfaces. For production accompanying quality control the data acquisition as well as the data evaluation can be automated.

Meet the experts

  • Exchange of experiences with users
  • Hands-on experiences
  • Live-display of actual measuring systems
  • Data evaluation and inspection reports
  • Scanning and touch probing with one system
  • Automation

Industrial 3D-Measurement technology in casting & forging process chains

The ATOS 3D Digitizer is a flexible and mobile optical measurement machine. Rather than tactile touch probing of single points, the ATOS system captures the whole surface geometry with a high-resolution and dense point cloud. For different component sizes and –complexities the ATOS generates precise 3D coordinates for full-field nominal/actual comparison to CAD-data, for inspection sections and wall-thickness analysis and also delivers complete inspection reports.

The ATOS 3D digitizer is utilized in casting & forging process chains as a precise, fast and robust inspection solution. The system combines high-quality measuring data with flexibility and can be employed in measuring rooms as well as in rough production environment.

Patterns & Dies

  • Wear control
  • Nominal/actual comparison
  • Direct milling
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Duplication

Molds & Cores

  • Indirect wear control
  • Virtual wall thickness
  • Quality control
  • Fit of mold halves, cores, inserts

Cast Parts

  • Nominal/actual comparison
  • Wall-thickness analysis
  • Analysis of prototypes
  • First article inspection
  • Allowance control


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