We wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year 2012

12/2011To mark the coming festive season we would like to give something special in place of traditional gifts: namely, new perspectives.

People who change perspectives can really get things moving.

Over 59 million children around the globe go to school hungry and have to do without regular school meals.

GOM has therefore chosen to support the UN World Food Program's Fill the Cup campaign. Our donation will make it possible to distribute 55,000 meals among school children in the poorest regions of the world. In doing so, our object is not only to help fight hunger but also to launch special nutrition programs that will strengthen the basic foundation for education. Where there is enough food, the thirst for knowledge can get things moving for the future.

We wish you a peaceful Christmas, a restful time during the holiday and a good start to what we trust will be a successful new year.

You can find out more about the Fill the Cup campaign on the WFP website at: