Video tutorials for GOM Inspect now available in Chinese

07/2011The new language version is one in an ongoing series of additions to our range of video tutorials for GOM Inspect. Alongside the videos in German and English, a Chinese version is now also available.

GOM Inspect Video Tutorials in Chinese

The hands-on video tutorials for GOM Inspect make it easier for interested users in the growing Asian market to become acquainted with the free inspection and mesh processing software. For first-time users of GOM Inspect, the videos provide vital useful information about handling the versatile application.

The ten videos are available for download on our YouTube channel at as well as on our website at They can also be found on the video platform, which is popular among Chinese speakers.

A Chinese version of GOM Inspect is available for download from our website free of charge along with 7 other languages. For more information about the full range of options available with the software, go to: 3D Software - GOM Inspect