Product Presentation for Shoe Manufacturers in Vietnam

01/2014On December 17, 2013, our partner AIE organized an ATOS Core product show with presentations and live demonstrations in Ho Chi Minh City, exclusively addressing local shoe manufacturers.

Shoe manufactures were given a demonstration on how GOM’s new scanner can be applied specifically in shoe production processes. ATOS Core helps to facilitate processes, optimize quality controls and reduce time and costs.

On display were the latest ATOS Core models to show typical measurement tasks applied in the shoe industry:

  • Mold scanning in order to support a tight fit of the mold assembly
  • Scanning of the last in order to ensure correct last measurements
  • Scanning of the upper shoe in order to produce a matching mid sole
  • Scanning of the finished shoe for use in quality control and as a marketing tool

We would like to thank the AIE team for its dedication and the companies Pou Chen and adidas for their support of the meeting. Thanks to all attendees for their huge interest in the presentation.