MCAE User Meeting – Trends in Optical 3D Metrology

04/2015Some 100 professional technicians from prominent industries and institutions came together at a joint GOM user meeting that took place at Hotel Atlantis at Brno Dam and at MCAE’s headquarters in Kuřim on March 4 and 5, 2015.

The two-day meeting focused on optical 3D measurement technology. A GOM lecture opened the event, showing current developments in optical 3D metrology and providing a vision for the future. It was followed by a block of presentations from MCAE Systems, introducing the latest news: A new GOM software version V8 and the ATOS ScanBox 4105 for automated digitizing and inspection, which is the most compact measuring machine of the four existing models, specially designed for automated 3D digitizing and inspection of small and medium-sized parts.

The lecture highlighted optical metrology as a fast, accurate, and reliable tool for optimizing production processes and quality assurance. It is also closely linked to applications such as reverse engineering and 3D printing. In the two days, users from highly prestigious companies and technical universities across the Czech Republic and Slovakia shared their experiences with GOM measurement systems. All participants gained valuable information about the versatile applications of the systems and got a thorough insight into the comprehensive solutions for different sectors.

User presentations alternated with hands-on workshops, showing the automated measurement of the ATOS ScanBox 4105, online adjustments, and functional applications of rear projection, GOM acceptance test, measurements with ATOS sensors, in particular the ATOS Core 300 which is optimized for reverse engineering and 3D printing. In addition, the measurement of the rear suspension mechanism of mountain bikes by the PONTOS system was demonstrated.

Special thanks go to all speakers, who participated in the successful course of this meeting, and to MCAE Systems for organizing the event.