Marubeni User Meeting 2010 in Tokyo and in Nagoya

11/2010Marubeni User Meeting in Tokyo and in Nagoya with additional deformation workshop

Marubeni organized a GOM User Meeting in Tokyo Station, Conference Center, Monday, November 15 and in Nagoya, Lucent Tower, Friday, November 19.

Both meetings attracted together more as 160 participants. Marubeni had the full GOM product range on display and presented in addition very nice user lectures, which described the use of the systems in industry and established process chains.

From the GOM products, the GOM V7 software and the ATOS Triple Scan system caught most eyes and triggered detailed questions and demands. To support the attendees need to treat 3D data, to produce quality reports and get a good understanding of the user interface of the V7 software, we supported GOM Inspect. GOM Inspect is a free, but fully blown inspection software available in local language, which imports and exports 3D data in ASCII and in STL Format.
This software module can also be downloaded from the GOM website, if additional need arise.

During the break, the GOM systems were shown in action and customer questions were addressed. Then typical applications and the benefit of optical measuring technology were presented in excellent customer presentations from Toyota, Isuzu, Meitoku Tools, Motoman and Materialise.

Marubeni and GOM like to thank our users for these nice and clear statements about the products and their use in the daily work.

At the end of the presentations and the system demonstrations, a banquet was supported by Marubeni with many good discussions and exchange of ideas.
We finished the event with a picture of the Marubeni team (in Tokyo) and the star of this Meeting, the ATOS Triple Scan.

We like also to thank all attendees for their interest and time spent with us. We hope to see you at an exhibition, at our headquarter or in the next User Meeting in Japan, in 2011.
It is our pleasure to support Marubeni and thank them for the great cooperation and their dedication to their customers and our product range.

In addition to the User Meetings, a dedicated Workshop for the GOM Deformation Products was held in the Marubeni office in Tokyo, supported from customer presentations.
In this event additional technical issues could be opened to the audience and individual requests and customized solutions as well as upcoming developments were discussed in details.

Please contact Marubeni or GOM if you need additional information about local needs or the GOM product range and its applications in industry and research.