GOM Optical Metrology Conference in China

11/2010The 11th GOM Optical Metrology Conference in China was held in the Haiyatt Garden Hotel in Chang An, Dongguan City, November 25 to 27, 2010.

The Conference in China attracted more than 170 attendees, system users and potential customers.

The first day, the deformation measuring products were the main topics, with presentations from Pro-technic and guest presentations from Mr. Yang Le, IMR presenting deformation measurements on very small samples and Dr. Mao Weiguo from Xiang-Tan University presenting his work in material and structure testing.

In addition to the presentations, workshops showed typical applications of the GOM systems, such as

  • Material testing: three point bending test with ARAMIS
  • Quality control of the sheet metal forming process with ARGUS
  • Sheet Metal: form and deformation analysis of objects under load

A main topic was also the presentation of the new GOM products, the ATOS Triple Scan and the GOM V7 Software which help bring scanning into mass production.

The second day was focused on digitizing topics. In addition to the presentations given by the Pro-Technic team, a number of presentations were carried out by guest speakers:

  • Mr. Yang Changhai from JinLin University, Department of Car Body Engineering, presenting service jobs done for industry including a trouble shooting assignment at Brilliance to verify the integrity of a production line built up by Kuka Tooling & Die.
  • Mr. He Ying from Guangdong Guangtian Industrial and Electrical Engineering Research Institute showed the use of the ATOS digitizer in motorcycle design
  • Mr. Zhou Zhengxiang gave an overview of the use of their multiple ATOS scanner systems in Chery.
  • Mr. Cai Yangjie from Peugeot described the application of their ATOS system in design and layout.
  • Perlos (LOM) shared their use of ATOS in Quality Control of plastic injected parts, mainly for the mobile phone industry.

To show the flexibility and ease of use of the ATOS Triple Scan, it was converted in 5 minutes from a robot setup with 560 mm measuring area to manually digitize a mobile phone, with the 100 mm measuring area.

Pro-Technic was presented each visiting company with a USB stick with the free GOM Inspect software, manual, sample data and the presentations

Please contact the Pro-Technic team if you like to receive this information.

We thank the Pro-Technic team for the organization, the speakers for their very valuable contribution, and all other involved parties for valuable three days we could share.