Additional Venue for GOM Inspect Introduction Seminars

03/2015Due to the large number of participants attending the GOM Inspect Introduction Seminars in Braunschweig, we are pleased to announce that this training can now be offered at a second location in Southern Germany.

In addition to the seminars in Braunschweig, GOM and the industrial metrology service provider topometric GmbH are jointly offering the GOM Inspect Introduction Seminars on 25th June and 8th October 2015, in Göppingen. The seminars will be conducted by a GOM software trainer.

Those interested will have an opportunity to gain valuable insights into the free GOM Inspect software and learn about the complete range of functions. During the one-day seminar, participants will also discover how they can apply the software to their specific needs when it comes to 3D inspection and mesh processing. Practical, hands-on exercises will supplement and deepen the seminar contents.

Participation in the Göppingen seminars is limited to 10 persons per session, so we advise you to register as soon as possible.

The next GOM Inspect Introduction Seminars in Braunschweig will be held on 20th April and 22nd June 2015.

The GOM Inspect Introduction Seminar page provides you with more information about the seminars and schedules in Göppingen and Braunschweig. A form is also available for direct registration.

If you are not yet using GOM Inspect software, you can download it here free of charge.