Fewer Loops for Better Tools with Optical Metrology

Oechsler is a traditional company that continuously works on improving its process chains. By using ATOS Triple Scan, the plastics specialist has been able to accelerate its production of injection molding tools significantly.

The plastics expert from Bavaria, Germany, produces high-tech plastic products for the automotive industry, for medical technology and other branches. In order to optimize process chains and to achieve high precision at the same time, the company was looking for alternatives to tactile measurement. After a benchmark analysis, the decision was made in favor of the ATOS Triple Scan. In several test measurements and compared with a CT scanner, the ATOS Triple Scan proved to be an efficiency-enhancing solution.

In addition to precision and speed, the ATOS scanner enables full-field and non-contact measurements. Unlike using tactile measurement technology, the entire surface geometry is scanned quickly – no spot is left unchecked. Thus, users are able to inspect the entire component and implement multiple corrections in just one step. Thereby, Oechsler was able to reduce the number of iteration loops from 7 to 3. With growing experience, reoccurring measurement tasks were simplified. For similar parts that frequently recur, only one large and one smaller loop are needed. The long-term goal is to reach the required accuracy with one loop only. Besides the reduced iteration loops, the scanner excels in material testing. During the sampling stage, the measuring system allows to determine the material behavior compared to the reference material and indicates whether adjustments are required. This prevents time and cost expensive tool corrections.

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