New software version V7.5 SR2 records sequences of movements

Since 28 June 2013 the latest GOM software version V7.5 SR2 is on the market. The key function of the software is Motion Replay, which makes it easy to automate the measurement of small parts.

Normally, small parts are measured on a motorization kit for the sensor. Up to now, parts could only be measured automatically if the software had been programmed with special scripts. With the latest Motion Replay functionality the movements from all axes of the motorization kit can now be recorded for the very first time – without the need for programming. Thus, when users need to measure identical or similar multiple parts, these measurement positions are simply played back.

The new function is based on GOM's teaching-by-doing concept, whereby the software automatically records all evaluation steps through to creation of the measurement report and repeats them to analyze the subsequent parts. Motion Replay has made it possible to extend this concept beyond the inspection processes to include the measurement process itself. No programming skills are needed. In doing so, GOM simplifies day-to-day measurement and analysis processes, above all in recurring measurement tasks. Thanks to the automated measurement process a process safe workflow is guaranteed and the user saves at once substantially time and costs, because the solution is integrated directly in the ATOS Professional software.

In addition, now the Kiosk Interface is also included in ATOS Professional and is offering a fully automated interface for small object projects. Due to the fully automated workflow the user is safely guided through all measurement and inspection processes.

The new GOM software V7.5 SR2 can be downloaded at