Faster to Finished Sheet Metal Forming Tools

Progress-Werk Oberkirch (PWO) relies on optical 3D metrology from GOM in its tool shop. As a result, the company is able to reduce tool startup times and increase productivity.

One of the key requirements of the German automotive industry is to reduce the time to market in the face of increasing demands on quality control. To meet the demands, the automotive supplier PWO has been using the ATOS Triple Scan from GOM since 2010.

At PWO, the non-contact 3D scanner is used both during manufacturing and tool tryout and when servicing and maintaining them, which results in significant time savings.

Thus, the ATOS system reduces the time required to measure a complex active element such as a forming punch from 4-5 hours to a mere 30 minutes.

"Besides the time that is saved, it's the full-field representation of the component's surface that is a major advantage," explained Wilfried Braun, Head of the measuring room at PWO. "A full-field, color plot visualization of the component's geometry at a glance is very informative." Most notably, this simplifies its comparison against CAD. If it becomes clear during the measurement that the sheet metal part is out of tolerance, the problem can be swiftly analyzed and fixed.

Overall, by purchasing the full-field measuring system, PWO receives more information on part and tool with less effort, enabling the company to accelerate its toolmaking process.

GOM Workshops on Sheet Metal Forming from January to April 2017

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