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Mobile Metrology

The product quality requirements have vastly increased in all industries while development and production times have been shortened. Tools, systems and components must be inspected before and during ongoing production to be able to introduce corrections as quickly as possible. This is why companies increasingly use mobile measurement technology. With the ATOS 3D scanners, the optical photogrammetry system TRITOP and PONTOS Live, GOM provides various mobile measuring systems. These systems were developed for industrial use and capture precisely complex geometries even under harsh conditions.

For mobile 3D digitization, GOM offers various 3D scanners of the ATOS series. The robust and precise sensors digitize and inspect both small components and large tools.

When inspecting large objects, such as ships, wind power or industrial plants TRITOP defines precise three-dimensional coordinates of single object points independent of the ambient conditions.

For online measurements and component positioning PONTOS Live is suitable, that enables an assembly analysis and live component positioning based on augmented reality.