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LINDE + WIEMANN: Quality assurance during series through automated component testing

Quality Assurance During Series Through Automated Component Testing

In combining profiling, stamping, joining and gluing technology, LINDE + WIEMANN drives innovations in the field of structural assemblies for the automotive industry. With these products, the aim is to increase the safety of vehicles and at the same time reduce their weight. The German site in Hagenbach produces ready-to-install assemblies of high-strength steel for this purpose and supplies them to global vehicle manufacturers and automotive suppliers. To keep the quality of the complex parts at a consistently high level, production processes must be monitored constantly. Automated 3D measurement technology solutions from ZEISS support the tier-1 supplier throughout the entire manufacturing process: Three integrated ScanBox systems scan measuring data and submit it directly to upstream production using ZEISS PiWeb. Deviations are thus detected quickly and appropriate corrective measures are initiated.

Growing quality requirements and high monitoring rates

As a close partner of the automotive industry, LINDE + WIEMANN has been faced with increasing customer demands and ever more complex geometries for many years. This development requires constant adaptation of production and quality assurance processes. The automotive supplier regularly shares its measuring data with customers. The parallel operation of the ScanBox systems accelerates the measuring procedures significantly. Quality management already receives valid information on part quality during ongoing production. “We pass on our measuring results to the manufacturing department promptly, so that decisive measures can directly be taken. This way, unnecessary quality costs can be avoided,” explains Peter Kluge, Head of Quality Management of LINDE + WIEMANN.

Sharp-edged parts, such as A-pillars or side members, are digitized in the 3D measuring machine ScanBox - complete measuring and inspection reports can be generated from this data.
LINDE + WIEMANN supplies globally active car manufacturers and their suppliers with relevant structural components and assemblies.

Flexibility during the inspection of large structural components and change processes

ZEISS optical measuring machines offer significant advantages for automotive suppliers in terms of accuracy. ATOS sensors digitize the entire surface of the structural components to be inspected within seconds via fringe projection. Every measurement identifies possible deviations between the actual 3D coordinates and the CAD data, which are displayed through a color comparison in the GOM Inspect Pro software. “Our parts are very complex. However, with ScanBox and GOM Inspect Pro, it is very easy and efficient to measure the parts as required,” explains Michael Kray, Quality Manager at LINDE + WIEMANN. Furthermore, the company benefits from the flexibility of the automated systems. In everyday production, the low set-up time of the ScanBox system enables the inspection of other structurally relevant components within just a few minutes.

High-precision evidence during the inspection of hole positions, trimmed edges and edge points

In the past, LINDE + WIEMANN measured parts traditionally using a gauge. However, in practice, this method proved to be work-intensive and inefficient in terms of time. Moreover, the measuring results were not very conclusive. With the technology from ZEISS, hole positions or edge points are measured accurately and in great detail in the shortest possible time. "On the one hand, by accelerating the measuring procedures, we can eliminate human interference to a certain extent and further advance the topic of automation. On the other hand, we guarantee that the identical measurement positions are always measured in a process-safe manner. This cannot be done manually," says Peter Kluge, summing up his decision to invest in automated, optical 3D measuring technology from ZEISS.

The high-precision ATOS 5 captures complete surfaces including hole patterns, trim as well as other typical sheet metal features.
Every day the quality team led by Michael Kray (right) analyzes many parts in the software GOM Inspect Pro. Surface deviations of the measurement data model can be compared to the CAD model.

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As an owner-managed, medium-sized enterprise LINDE + WIEMANN partner the international automobile industry. For over 70 years the company have supplied globally active car manufacturers and their suppliers with relevant structural components and assemblies.