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Allgaier Automotive: ATOS ScanBox Accelerates Measurements of Sheet Metal Car Body Parts

Allgaier Automotive: ATOS ScanBox Accelerates Measurements of Sheet Metal Car Body Parts

In order to reduce the weight of new electric cars, car manufacturers and their suppliers rely increasingly on the use of lightweight construction materials. Allgaier Automotive is an important partner for automotive manufacturers. Founded in 1906, the Group has been supplying pressed parts and tools since the 1920s and is today mainly focused on the business areas process technology and automotive. 

In recent years, the traditional measuring techniques previously used at Allgaier, which in some cases led to considerable time delays, increasingly proven to be a bottleneck in the production process. To further develop already existing technologies and manufacturing methods and to simultaneously meet the highest quality standards, Allgaier has been using GOM Metrology’s ATOS ScanBox in toolmaking, press part making and assembly since 2016. 

3D measuring machines for toolmaking, series inspection and assembly

The core component of the ATOS ScanBox is the optical 3D scanner of the ATOS series. The optical 3D measuring system digitizes the entire surface geometry of a part based on a high-resolution point cloud via the fringe projection technique. The GOM software computes three-dimensional object coordinates for each camera pixel. The computed polygon mesh describes freeform surfaces and geometrical elements, which can be compared with the drawing or directly against the CAD data set in a shape and dimension analysis.

"Thanks to full-field measurement, the entire car body part can be scanned very quickly and without any blind spots," explains Manuela Hausch, Head of QA at the Mühlhausen site. "Another really significant advantage are the color plots. Color coding makes it very fast and easy to spot problematic areas, so our toolmakers can see at a glance where they need to make a few tweaks."

Allgaier uses the 3D measuring systems from GOM Metrology along its entire value chain: At first, tools are designed in CATIA V5. Then, they are milled, assembled, measured with the ATOS system, corrected and passed on to tool try-out. There, the first sheet metal part is pressed and this test part is then measured in the optical 3D measuring machine.

Thanks to the optical 3D measuring systems from GOM Metrology, Allgaier Automotive can now detect and counteract deviations in tools, sheet metal parts and assembly parts significantly faster. As a result, the entire process – from the design stage to the completed assembly part – was speeded up considerably.

Manuela Hausch, QA Manager at the site in Mühlhausen: "The color plots are a significant advantage. The color coding makes it very fast and easy to spot problematic areas."

Faster tool release due to full-field measuring results

The way the sheet metal behaves depends on many factors, including the material, material thickness, degree of deformation, bending radii, etc. Therefore, a full-field measurement of the part is performed. Based on this result, tool corrections and adjustments to the simulation are initiated. This is repeated until the part is close to the null geometry. This process is also repeated on the press and with the assembly part.

High measuring speed optimizes series inspection

The entire measuring and inspection procedure runs automatically right through to the inspection report. Auto Teaching simplifies the programming of the measuring procedure, for example. The measurement evaluation is then performed in the required format, for example, as a table or a color plot showing the deviation from the CAD. It speeds up the entire process, from the design stage to the finished assembly part.

Allgaier Automotive offers a wide range of knowledge and decades of experience in the processing of aluminum and deep-drawing steels right up to high-strength steels.

ScanBox serii 6

Zautomatyzowany system metrologiczny w produkcji do kontroli części o wymiarach do 2 x 3500 mm i 5000 kg

ScanBox serii 6

Allgaier Automotive

Over many decades, Allgaier Automotive has earned a well-established reputation as an effective business partner in the fields of sheet metal forming and component manufacturing. Some of the division’s core competencies include a tool and die and special die shop, press shop operations, the development, testing and manufacturing of fuel tank systems, and operations related to its Car Body business unit.