GOM Metrology

Simulation and Validation (CAE)

Simulation and Validation (CAE)

Computer-aided Engineering (CAE) with Real Measuring Data

Simulation serves to compute and visualize mold filling, sprue, holding pressure, temperature control and filling time of the injection-molded part. The purpose is to prevent errors and to optimize the use of material, cycle time and machine size by predicting the process parameters and material behavior as determined by the ARAMIS system in materials testing. The real component geometry can be captured by the ATOS system and compared numerically to simulated data to optimize and verify the simulation model.


  • Limitation of warpage, shrinkage and material thickness
  • Processing of mesh simulation data
  • Mesh processing (refining, hole filling, repair, ...)
  • Comparison of simulated and real components
  • Validation of injection molding simulations


Real measuring data support the choice of materials, the assessment of tools and the optimization of process parameters. The validation of FEM simulations serves for knowledge building and guarantees an increased reliability of numerical simulations. The trend analysis based on simulated parameters ensures reliability when making decisions regarding the further process by finding the best mesh.