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Reliable final inspections

Reliable final inspections 

The challenge

3D printed parts are usually particularly complex because of their individual freeform surfaces and forms. This makes measuring and inspecting them with conventional tactile measuring instruments challenging and time-consuming.

A reliable final inspection should include a check of all the important part properties. A good way to do this is to measure the whole surface of free-form parts. This is a thorough, accurate method for carrying out a final quality inspection.


The solution

With the ATOS system, you can scan in the entire surface of the 3D printed part in 3D and then compare the measured data with target data from your CAD model. In addition, you can test the part’s warpage, shrinkage and sink marks, and measure the material thickness with the GOM inspection software. In the measurement analysis, you can set labels for the tolerances, so that you can recognize immediately which areas of the part do not meet the requirements.

With the ZEISS METROTOM 6 scout (GOM CT), it is also possible to carry out internal and external geometry analyses. In this way, internal cavities and inclusions can be measured, along with internal channels, wall thicknesses, pores and cracks.

The benefits

Full-field measurement
of parts in 3D
High speeds and accurate results,
even for complex part geometries
Comprehensive analyses
for reliable final inspections

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