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Quality Control in Casting Processes

Quality Control in Casting Processes

Casting a part is a complex process chain, where a lot of different tools, like cores and molds, are involved. Thus, to reach the final quality of the desired cast part, all those tools play an important role and must fulfill high quality requirements.

In this training course, you learn how to reveal typical casting defects like mold shift and how to find the causes for those issues in the overall process chain. Based on a sand casting process, you learn not only to validate the geometrical aspects of all parts involved, but also to associate issues of tools with issues on the subsequent part. Covering crucial aspects like draft angle analysis, physical contact and digital assembly situations, this training is not only tailored for users in the sand casting branch but also for all other casting industries.

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Learn how to use the GOM software for...

  • Troubleshooting in a casting process chain 
  • Inspecting casting related problems on tools like sand molds and cast parts 
  • Analyzing casting related assembly situations  
  • Realizing a draft angle analysis 
  • Measuring casting related assembly situations