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Cross-Training GOM Blade Inspect Pro (3D Data)

Cross-Training GOM Blade Inspect Pro (3D Data)

You are already familiar with evaluating parts in GOM Inspect Pro and want to learn more about airfoil inspection? Then, this cross-training is the right choice for you. This training is based on the Basic Training GOM Blade Inspect Pro and focuses on the airfoil inspection only. 

You will learn how GOM Blade Inspect Pro supports you in inspecting airfoils efficiently. You will also be introduced to working with our easy-to-use airfoil profile inspection functionalities. These functionalities range from profile stacking point up to profile form and position inspection using a non-uniform tolerance band. Further, you are going to experience yourself how user-defined inspection principles can be very useful and time saving for repetitive tasks.

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Learn how to use GOM Blade Inspect Pro for…

  • Inspecting your airfoils and airfoil profiles easily 
  • Creating the same profile inspections on multiple airfoil profiles quickly 
  • Reporting your inspection results 
  • Making your life easier with templates and other parametric approaches