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Basic Training GOM Volume Inspect Pro

Basic Training GOM Volume Inspect Pro

This basic training guides you through all the essentials of working with GOM Volume Inspect Pro – from opening the software for the first time to reporting and exporting your final results.

This basic training takes you through all the steps to inspect and evaluate a volume in our software. Whether you just want to look at volume slices or create a complete surface mesh to check distances and other dimensions. You will not only learn all the basic tools of the GOM software, but also the recurring concepts and workflows that are the basis of the software. Starting with the volume, a surface mesh is created first and simple inspections are applied to it. Gradually, more complex inspections and other helpful elements of the software will be introduced and the use of them will be practiced. Different visualization options and reporting are also part of the training. In the end, you will be able to perform inspections on your own volume data.

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Learn how to use GOM Volume Inspect Pro for…

  • Viewing and inspecting your volume
  • Creating surface meshes on your volume data
  • Constructing elements and compare their nominal and actual values
  • Defining different alignments  
  • Reporting your inspection results
  • Making life easier with templates and other parametric approaches