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Automated Sheet Metal Inspection

Automated Sheet Metal Inspection

One of the most important steps in the preparation process for a new measurement project is the application of measuring principles. Besides using an appropriate measuring principle, correct settings are crucial for reliable results. In case of any issues with the elements to be inspected, finding the right solution can be challenging. 

In this context, the training course provides you with detailed information and the possibility to apply the gathered knowledge by using representative demonstration objects. You learn how to measure all kinds of holes, trimmed edges and hemmed edges correctly. Also, the measurement of beveled surfaces and bolts can be practiced. After visiting the training course, you will be able to deal with most potential upcoming issues in an efficient and reliable way. 

The course is intended for beginners with a minimum of multiple weeks of experience with own measuring tasks. More experienced users may benefit from the course as well.

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Learn how to …

  • Achieve reliable inspection results  
  • Apply the right measuring principles for different sheet metal applications  
  • Measure diverse types of holes, trimmed/hemmed edges, beveled surfaces and bolts 
  • Analyze and fix various issues with measuring principles