GOM Metrology

GOM Metrology

GOM Inspect Sample Data

Sample Data

GOM offers project data free of charge with which you can test various functions of the GOM software.

Inspection Essentials

This sample project gives you an overview of the essential functionalities of GOM Inspect - beginning with a simple inspection via surface deviation, over curve based evaluation and point-based analysis, up to the handling of different alignments. It also contains examples of drawing-based dimensioning, GPS tolerances and material thickness inspection.


GOM_Part_Inspection_Essentials.ginspect (52,9 MB)

Trend Analysis

This sample project shows how several parts are handled and compared within a project. Several stages can be used for trend analyses and statistical process control. The evaluation contains statistical color plots for range and sigma, and shows SPC parameters. Furthermore, the trend is displayed using tables and diagrams.


GOM_Part_Trend_Analysis.ginspect (119 MB)

Volume Inspection

This sample project shows how CT volume data can be visualized and inspected in GOM Volume Inspect. The software displays the entire part including the internal structures and can visually separate between different materials. You can cut the volume at any point and view the object layer by layer to see even the finest details. Defects or blowholes present in the part can be checked dimensionally. Furthermore, internal structures and geometries can be inspected and compared to CAD.


GOM_Clamping_Frame_CT_Inspection.ginspect (931 MB)