GOM Metrology

GOM Metrology


Easy to manage and useful add-ons

There are two ways to access the packages and to manage them – quick and easy:

ZEISS Quality Suite

The packages can be installed directly from ZEISS Quality Suite. As soon as you are logged in, you can start in ZEISS Quality Suite via "Packages" in the left menu bar. This gives you direct access to all available packages. The selected package and the corresponding functions are then presented to you on the detail pages. In this view, it can be downloaded and integrated into the software.

Software Pro Package Manager

Instead of using the ZEISS Quality Suite you can also work with the Package Manager in the Software. It lists all the Packages that have been already installed. While connected to the Repository, the Manager checks whether your package version is still up-to-date.

You will also find direct download links for the latest packages (depending on your current license) in the Packaging Manager. 

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