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ATOS Plus 45M

Automated Photogrammetry for ATOS

ATOS Plus 45M


In the ATOS ScanBox, GOM’s automated 3D measuring machine, the ATOS sensors can be operated together with the Plus Box. The photogrammetric add-on sensor is directly mounted on the ATOS system and enables fully automated acquisition of reference point markers with deviations of 3 μm to 30 μm. These reference point markers create a 3D volume, in which the detailed individual measurements of the ATOS system are transformed automatically. This is how the system achieves the overall accuracy of the overarching photogrammetric measurement.


Process reliability over long periods

The positional accuracy of fixtures can be influenced by various external factors, e.g., temperature and mechanical influences, impacts or slight changes in position over time. ATOS automatically identifies these changes and initiates a new photogrammetry measurement.

Higher reproducibility and reliability

Photogrammetry produces precise results. However, the accuracy of conventional, manual measurements depends on the operator: It is nearly impossible to always use the identical measurement position. With automated methods, on the other hand, a higher reproducibility of the measuring results is given.

Saving of time

With ATOS Plus 45M, you can fully automate your inspection process. The Dual Light Reflector with very high intensity allows for a uniformly distributed illumination of workpieces and components and minimizes stray light. Thanks to reproducible sensor positions, you need fewer measurements compared to manual photogrammetry: You save time and optimize your processes.

Reduced costs of clamping fixtures

Mountings and reference frames ensure that parts and components remain in a stable position and stay fixed during the entire measurement. Due to automated photogrammetry, the reference scene can be measured again in short intervals. This enables manufacturing of lighter clamping fixtures with cost-efficient materials as well as variable mountings for very complex parts. That way, you reduce your production costs.


ATOS Plus 45M is fully integrated in GOM’s established digitizing and inspection solutions and can be easily mounted on the ATOS sensors.

High-resolution photogrammetry camera
Thanks to a resolution of up to 45 megapixels, the built-in photogrammetry camera measures reference points with an outstanding measuring accuracy.
Specially developed optics
The optics and projector lens of the ATOS Plus 45M have been specially developed by GOM to ensure a high image stabilization and measuring accuracy.
Large measuring area
The high-resolution sensor and the special optics enable a large measuring area of up to 3 meters with short measuring distance.
Dual Light Reflector
ATOS Plus 45M has an integrated dual reflector that ensures a uniform illumination regardless of the measuring area.
Tested with reference to VDI
ATOS Plus 45M sensors are tested with reference to the VDI/VDE 2634 guideline.
Direct control in the traceable software
ATOS Plus 45M is completely integrated into the GOM Inspect Pro software.

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