Review: GOM Workshop - 3D Metrology in Sheet Metal Forming Processes, Germany

On January 25, 2017, more than 250 experts from the fields of development, quality assurance and production took part in the first GOM workshop of the international series “3D Metrology in Sheet Metal Forming Processes” in Hanau, Germany.

The Metalsa user presentation made clear that optical metrology significantly accelerates quality control in series production, as measurements are completed three times faster than compared to tactile measuring techniques. At Metalsa in Bergneustadt, Germany, the automated 3D measuring cells are operated by semiskilled production personnel.

At Audi, optical measuring systems replace Meisterbock & Cubing by means of a virtual assembly analysis. As a result, the evaluation of a car body assembly takes only two days. Therefore, when it comes to parts that are not manufactured locally, such as overseas parts, Audi’s toolmaking department saves several weeks. Furthermore, steel manufacturer Tata Steel showed how the optical forming analysis accelerates try out in the press shop.

The workshop also included live presentations on the following topics:

  • Assembly and Positioning Tasks with Live Tracking
  • Forming Tools: Tool Try-Out, Maintenance & Repair
  • Forming Limit Analysis & Process Optimization
  • Series-Accompanying Quality Control of Sheet Metal Parts

The event series takes place at 23 locations from January to April. With user reports of international companies and live presentations, GOM shares process-related and metrological knowledge on a global basis.

Download the workshop contents free of charge

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