Optical Metrology Accelerates Tool Try-Out at KRAMSKI

At KRAMSKI Group, the ATOS Capsule system guarantees a high level of detail in the quality assurance of electronic components.

For its development process of sophisticated stamped and injection-molded parts, the technology company searched for an imaging technique that provides more than isolated 3D data. Following an in-depth benchmarking process, KRAMSKI opted for an optical measuring system by GOM to complement its tactile measuring room in order to handle complex parts more efficiently in the long run.

It is the system’s detail level and usability that convinced KRAMSKI to invest in the optical precision measuring machine. The fact that hardware and software come from a single source was another convincing aspect of ATOS Capsule. In combination with a touch probe, the system can be used to measure hardly accessible areas.

KRAMSKI uses ATOS Capsule mainly in tool try-out. Measuring results are available faster and clearer and are more comprehensive at the same time. Thus, recursion is reduced saving a considerable amount of time. The process includes checking the shape and position of individual features and radii as well as of pins in the plug housing of the electronic components and a subsequent comparison of cavities.

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