New Silhouette and Cluster Feature in V8 Software

GOM extended the features with the launch of the V8 software. The current software version enables optimized evaluations based on the creation of silhouettes and a fast and easy analysis of recurring structures using the Cluster feature.


The GOM V8 software allows the construction of silhouettes of objects as a separate section, which is used to create further elements or perform additional inspections. The feature imitates the functionality of conventional "machine vision systems". The Silhouette function is particularly used in the fields dimension measuring or shape and dimension inspection. It allows for example contour inspection, detection of deviations, calculation of areas and much more besides.


The new feature of the GOM V8 software simplifies the inspection of recurring structures, which often occur on mold cavities, gears or connectors. Using the cluster evaluation, a complete set of inspections can be selected and duplicated to other positions within a structure. At the push of a button, the software recalculates the individual inspection elements. In this way, recurring structures can be inspected fast and easily.

The current GOM V8 software is available at: