GOM brings new software version V7.5 SR1 to market

GOM will be offering a new 3D software version with an expanded and optimized range of functions for inspection and analysis of data records from September 10, 2012 .

With its new feature developments, the 3D software offers innovative application solutions which are precisely coordinated and geared to current market requirements and customer needs.

Prior to publication we are now providing a brief insight into the new flexible GOM Software V7.5 SR1 portfolio:

Blade Inspection

GOM has implemented new blade-specific evaluation functions, which are integrated directly in the overall concept and are fully meshed with all the existing application functions and GOM's parametric inspection. Customers do not incur any additional costs for the expanded blade-specific inspection and analysis functions.


The tried and proven ATOS stereo camera technology enables full-field digitizing as well as single point and multi-point tracking. The newly established Tracking area now makes it possible to implement jig settings, component positioning for processing and even projection of 3D information to the object with the ATOS 3D scanner.


The new V7.5 SR1 software from GOM now closes the gap between point-based and full-field inspections. Full-field digitized data can be used, among other things, to apply new construction functions for curves and to visualize individual features.

Virtual Measuring Room

GOM is continually improving the VMR module and adding new applications to it in the new software version. For example, the new I-Teach tool makes easy access to key functions possible.


Deformation has also been fully integrated in the new software concept and the deformation and inspection function base standardized. In the new GOM software version users therefore have access to new helpful functions, for example to calculate and visualize deformation.

GOM strives to further develop and improve the general software functions on an ongoing basis. For this reason, we have channeled feedback from our customers into our new concept to ensure that we offer a software solution which is what our users really need.

Look forward to the new GOM software, which is scheduled to come to market this week; it is a component of GOM's industrial metrology systems and also comes as a standalone product.

The new GOM software will be available at support.gom.com from September 10, 2012.