Automated quality control of formed sheet metal parts at Metalsa

Automated measuring techniques allow higher throughput by keeping process reliability at a high level at the same time. For this reason, automotive supplier Metalsa opted for GOM’s automated optical measuring systems.

Since 2013, Metalsa has been using ATOS ScanBox for series quality control of sheet metal parts. The main advantage of the 3D coordinate measuring machine is the significant saving of time.

The entire measuring and inspection procedure in the ATOS ScanBox inclusive of the inspection report is automated. The full-field measuring results are automatically checked against the CAD data set, and subsequently geometric dimensions and tolerances are derived. This procedure allows Metalsa to check high quantities, which could not be managed with tactile measuring methods. The inspection of B-pillars, for example, would require hundreds if not thousands of measuring points to be measured for the forming analysis, which would result in a 60-page inspection report. This effort is no longer necessary, as the measuring results are visualized in a color plot, which provides the required information at one glance. Furthermore, the optical measuring procedure saves two thirds of the required time.

Another advantage can also be seen in the easy operation of the measuring cell. Once the measuring procedure has been saved, even employees who have not any prior knowledge in metrology are able to operate the system, which ensures process reliability in quality assurance even with high quantities.

GOM workshops on sheet metal forming from January to April 2017

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