Automated and Full-Field Scanning of Electrodes

One hundred percent quality, unmanned – Weidmüller, specialist in connectivity, relies on GOM’s automated and optical 3D coordinate measuring technology for electrode production.

Terminal blocks, the basic products of connectivity, primarily consist of plastic with conductive metal elements. The corresponding injection molding tool is comprised of at least two parts, which are produced from hardened sectional steel in eroding machines. To accelerate the production of the tools and the electrodes, Weidmüller worked with the companies EROWA and GOM on an optical metrology solution with automated loading and unloading – the result: the ATOS ScanBox BPS.

“The goal was 100% quality with the least possible effort,” says Ralf Runte, Group Leader Mechanical Processing Tooling at Weidmüller. The new system meets the prerequisites for automation of the measurement and loading as well as completeness of the data. In a short period of time, the ATOS ScanBox digitizes the entire surface of large electrodes, compares the measuring data to the CAD model and creates a PDF of the false color comparison.

Read the complete application example in PDF format.