ATOS Plus, automated Photogrammetry available for all ATOS Triple Scan sensors

The Plus Box add-on for all ATOS Triple Scan sensors enables fully integrated photogrammetry and reference point collection.

The established solution is already installed in over 100 measurement cells and ATOS ScanBoxes worldwide, and is now available with up to 29 megapixel photogrammetry camera.

With ATOS Plus a completely automated inspection process can be realized allowing:

  • Process safety over long periods
  • Higher repeatability and reliability
  • Time saving
  • Reduced costs of fixturing

The ATOS Plus solution is fully integrated into GOM's established digitizing and inspection solutions. The Plus Box allows high accuracy, automated photogrammetry and extends existing ATOS Triple Scan sensor heads.

High resolution photogrammetry camera
The photogrammetry camera delivers up to 29 megapixel resolution capturing high accuracy reference points.

Specially developed optics
The Plus Box uses specially developed GOM optics and proprietary lens ensuring high imaging stability and measuring accuracy.

Large measuring areas
The high resolution sensor and special optics enable large measurement areas of up to 3m with short stand off distances.

Built-in illumination
The Plus Box includes built-in, faceted illumination providing uniform point illumination regardless of the measurement area.

VDI verified
All Plus Boxes are verified and certified according to VDI acceptance tests.

The Plus Box is available immediately, contact your local GOM office or distributor for a live demonstration of this powerful technology.